On 19th July 2014, GCTV  was pioneered independently as Goa’s first 24 hour News and Entertainment Channel. Its mission is to create, develop and promote quality content, with social and cultural responsibility.

GCTV is your channel to connect with the very best in television entertainment. Experience the latest blockbuster movies, gripping international series and highly acclaimed local shows in one magical destination.

It provides wholesome entertainment for all ages.

A fun and enjoyable lineup featuring animation, musicals, fantasy and feel-good family movies which will keep both kids and the young at heart engrossed all day.

Your best loved actors and movies shine brightly on GCTV Featuring cult classics and movie favorites from past and present across a variety of genres from comedy to drama and romance, it’s the channel for young and old alike.


The 24 hour news and entertainment  channel that keeps you updated with local and  regional news. Also, get the latest weather and sport and entertainment updates with GCTV.